Construction Monitoring

Other companies do a pretty good job of making sure the contractor get paid. But that is only one part of the process. It is reassuring to know the contractor is getting paid and there are no liens on the project. 

We are just not on the site once a month to do a quick draw inspection, we are involved with an ongoing dialogue with the project participants to insure that the project is somehow completed. The goal is to have a successful project tha tresults in a successful, performing loan.

About this Process

During the construction phase Construction Resource Mangement, LLC can help the project run smoothly by:

  • Performing site visits to verify accurate draws as requested by the contractor
  • Monitoring construction for plan adherence
  • Analyzing and making recommendations regarding change orders
  • Ensuring that funding is correct
  • Maintaining lien release log
  • Funds Management
  • Providing project close out assistance

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